3602 North 16th Street Phoenix, Arizona 85016 • 602-515-0837


We help you conserve, preserve and recycle your resources. UFO has one of the best collections of unique new, used and renewed furnishings in arizona and we offer expert upholstering service so that you can use your favorite chair for many more years. Now that’s “green”.

We also feature new and un-discovered artist of all kinds in our “UNSUNG Gallery”. Unsung gallery was manifested from the desire to give artist who normally don’t get a chance - a chance to showcase their creativity and talent. Stop in every month to see the featured artist.

Last but not least, EARTHLAB is also located inside UFO and offers classes, Workshops, seminars and groups of all kinds. Check the calendar often and sign up early. Contact us if you have an idea for  or would like to teach in earthlab.