Introspective about how unordinary his 30 years of life have been, Joshua Ward, A native Tucsonan was raised to express himself creatively by his mother, she being a writer herself. He paints, sculpts and enjoys working with his hands to connect with the earth to watch it create; “Art is a part of me, it is who I am”.

He feels lucky to be alive, surviving a life threatening experience that put him in the confines of the Arizona State Hospital for almost 8 years now. He has no regrets; “life’s most challenging events have the most to be gained from”. Everyone I have met, the opportunity to learn about myself, the time working with my hand on the grounds of the hospital are all -a blessing.

Through it all, art has helped him, to emote all that he wants to express with out saying a word, he loves sharing what he feels about introspective things. Joshua says “the mind is a yet unfolding mystery to humankind, and the heart is not yet trusted, Life is the greatest teacher.”


Joshua Ward

August 2010